About Us

The firm was founded to bridge what we thought was a growing gap between traditional legal practice and the realities of doing business in an emerging economy. We understand that it is never enough for us to state the law, but we also need to bridge the law by offering commercially sensible advice and marshalling for the benefit of our clients, the different professional disciplines.

Our Clients

Forging strong client relationships for the long term has been our guiding principle with all our clients and it is a quality which we never take for granted. Our values and commitment to providing excellent service remains the same whether our client is a multinational or an individual. We welcome client feedback which we regularly act upon to improve our services. The result of providing a ‘client focused’ service is, we know our clients well, understand their needs which translates into proactive advice that goes beyond just getting the law right.

Our Approach

We always insist that technical competence must be combined with commercial insight and awareness, in practice this means taking on complex questions and providing the clearest and most practical answers. We know that technical details of the law are important, but clients need succinct answers that achieve their commercial aims. The firm pools together practitioners from different areas of the law and this multi-specialist approach enables us to provide advice on a broad range of issues.

Affiliates and Resources

Working together with professionals from all disciplines is an important component of our practice. We find that the expertise of auditors, accountants, merchant bankers, financial planners, tax advisors, insolvency practitioners, valuers, bankers, private investigators and the like adds further depth and new dimensions to a solution for the client. Our close working relationships with professionals from all disciplines and contacts with many established law firms around the region enables us to enhance our services to become a truly ‘on-stop’ solution provider to our client.

The ability to acquire and call upon accurate and up-to-date information on a range of subjects is the foundation of our practice. We are proud of our small but growing library of texts, journals, reports, statues and publications which allows us to keep up with legal developments locally and in other common law jurisdictions.